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Have real control over your accounts and debit card.  Try our Ponce Real-time Alerts and our Card Management Services. 

Ponce Real-time Alerts

You can stay informed and monitor your accounts with free alerts via text message, email and online banking alert notices.  These notifications are real-time, so you can take action quickly to keep your accounts safe.  You can elect to receive alerts for one account or receive alerts for all accounts for a particular transaction alert type. You can customize the alerts specifically for each account and create the solution that will be most helpful to you.

This solution will allow you to set:

  • Security Alerts: Get an alert if someone makes changes to your information or is trying to gain access to your account.
  • Transaction Alerts:  Get an alert when deposits, checks or withdrawals post to your account.
  • Account Transfer Alerts:  Get alerts when a large incoming or outgoing transfer posts to your account.
  • Balance Alert:  Get low balance alerts to avoid overdrafts, and high balance alerts to know when you have money to invest.
  • Loan Alerts: Get alerts when your payment is due, past due, or when any loan activity occurs.
  • Certificate Alert: Get alerts when your certificate of deposit is ready to mature.
  • Other Alerts:  Get alerts when something unexpected happens.

This is just one of many ways Ponce Bank strives to continually enhance and improve overall security for our customers.


Card Management Services and Card Valet® App

Powerful tools that help you manage risk by allowing you to define when, where and how your debit cards can be used. Now you can receive alerts about card activity, establish transaction limits, and even turn the card “on” and “off” when needed.

1 Card Valet® is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.


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