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ACH Origination Services

Now your business can benefit from being part of a nationwide network for originating electronic transactions.  A fats, convenient and cost-effective solution to make payments and collect fund electronically.

What is ACH Origination?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) service allows you to be in the driver's seat as an ACH Originator.  This efficient and reliable electronic funds transfer system allows your business the ability to enhance accounts payable and receivable functions.

  • Reduce your risk to fraud and minimize the chance of stolen checks
  • Streamline the Process of payments
  • Increase control over payment of checks and ACH transaction
  • Provide Reports
  • Easy reconcilement and settlements

How ACH Credits work?

Offer your recipients to pay via ACH.  You can schedule payments to vendors, suppliers, companies, employees and more.  These amounts may be debited directly from your business checking account once the information is transmitted to the payment recipient electronically. Save time by eliminating the need to write a check, put a stamp and mail a payment or collect funds. Improve cash flow by monitoring expenses and forecasting funds payable.  This is a secure web-based connection, so there is no special hardware or software to install.

How do ACH debits work?

Receive your money faster, while eliminating more expensive manual collection methods.  After obtaining authorization to debit funds from the individual or business recipient, schedule your ACH Debit.  Funds are received directly to your business account, eliminating the need to wait for a check to come in the mail or to process the check for deposit.  With ACH, it just got a lot easier to predict the incoming cash flow to your business.  Why not use it today.

Additional Layer of Security

Now you are able to enhance even more the overall security of your scheduled transactions.

    • Use ACH Positive Pay to set up parameters for the ACH transactions and trigger any discrepancies
    • Use ACH Filter Service to create criteria of ACH transactions you would like to process
    • Use ACH Block Service to select any ACH item attempting to post to your account and return it automatically 



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