Business Management

Run your business smarter, faster, easier

Our Business Management Services set your business up for success by making it easy to increase sales, save time, and add security.

Accept Payments Easily with Clover Stations*

Run your point-of-sale more smoothly.

Clover® accepts most payment types – credit, check, cash, debit, gift card, chip card, touchless payments such as Apple Pay® and more.
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Increase Security & Reduce Fraud

Check Positive Pay1

Protect the checks your business issues. Check Positive Pay ensures that only pre-approved checks are paid.

You submit an electronic file each day listing the checks your business issued.

As each check is presented for payment, we electronically compare it to the check number, dollar amount, and payee information in your file.

We’ll flag any discrepancy and report it through an email alert.

Log in to Business Online and instantly make a “pay/no pay” decision so you can reject unauthorized payments before incurring loss.

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Increase Security & Reduce Fraud

ACH Positive Pay1

Guard against unauthorized ACH transactions.

Set your own Automated Clearing House (ACH) Authorization Rules by reviewing (ACH Positive Pay), setting filters for (ACH Filter), and blocking (ACH Block) your transactions before they post.

Define your rules indicating which ACH transactions get posted. Any transaction that does not meet your parameters will be flagged for review by you before they are finalized.

Some examples of these parameters include: Originating Company, Maximum Dollar Amount.

You can even set up an ACH filter and Block to automatically block and return transactions that do not meet your filter criteria.

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Courier Cash Service1

No more carrying cash to the bank for deposit
Collect cash & checks
cash center
scanned, counted, recorded
processed, and settled

Our secure transport vehicles collect and deliver cash and checks daily across stores and banks.

After pickup, transport vehicles return to our secure cash center.

In the cash center your cash is scanned, counted, recorded, and added to your balance report.

Then, cash value is reported to the bank and the dollar value is added to your account.

Manage Your Payables

Ponce Payroll Services1

Streamline your Payroll Services. Pay your employees directly and conveniently with Direct Deposit.


Send checks at the speed of email. No more wondering when or if the payment will arrive.

ACH Origination

Streamline your payments. Schedule payments in advance, and easily manage recurring payments.

Wire Transfer

Send money fast through Online Banking.

Manage Your Receivables

Remote Deposit Capture

Streamline the check settlement process by depositing checks directly from your location.

Merchant Credit Card Services

Accept Payments Easily with Clover® Stations.

Mobile Check Deposit

Take a photo of your check and deposit into your account using your smart phone.

ACH Origination

Reduce your risk of fraud and minimize the chance of lost or stolen checks.

Business Registration Services1

Our Business Registration services help Ponce customers set up and register new and existing businesses. Our experts will consult on entity selection and handle various paperwork on your behalf.2

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    Start a Business - LLC/Corporation
  • ✓
    Register Your Doing Business As (DBA) Name
  • ✓
    File EIN/Tax ID
  • ✓
    Create Operating Agreement
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Free Financial Mastery courses at Ponce U. Knowledge is power and we're always willing to share ours.
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