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Positive Pay

A complete solution that helps commercial customers know that what is paid is exactly what they intended to pay.  Start today and prevent unwanted activity.

What can Positive Pay do for your Business?

Imagine having a tool that can be used to help mitigate and monitor unauthorized transactions.  What a great fraud detection and mitigation system that would be.  Growing a business is not easy, and Positive Pay can help protect it against fraudulent charges.

How does it work?

Commercial customers submit an electronic file daily of all the checks authorized and issued by their company.  As checks are presented for payment, the Positive Pay system automatically compares the items electronically to the customer file provided.  The system matches the check number, payee name and dollar amounts to each check presented for payment.

Any discrepancies found will be flagged as an exemption item and an alert will be sent via email.  The designated administrator would then log in to review and make a "pay" or "return" decision on that item.  It is as easy as that.

Positive Pay also monitors ACH (Automated Clearing House-electronic debits or credits).  As an ACH Originator and with the Positive Pay Service, it is easy to:

  • Set parameters for the ACH debit/credit transactions
  • Add Filter criteria for the ACH transactions you would like to process
  • Use ACH Block Service to return items attempting to post account automatically
  • Streamline the process

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