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If you’re looking for a new pet, you may be tempted to find your new furry friend online. Beware that some sellers are creating fake listings on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, even super-legit looking websites, in order to tug on your heartstrings and steal your money. That cute looking puppy picture may be fake. Watch out for sellers who will only take payment via Crypto, Zelle or Cashapp and who ask for payment in advance prior to “shipping” your pet. Other red flags include, asking for gift cards for payment, sellers seeking wire transfers such as Western Union or Money Gram, and sellers who ask you to send a wire after only sharing a few pictures of the pet.

These scammers don’t stop once you’ve paid them for the pet and the shipping. Once you’re hooked, they may call and ask you to cover extra fees such as insurance, a special crate for shipping, vaccination shots, etc. They’ll keep this up until you finally realize that you’re being scammed and are never going to get to smell that puppy breath you were so looking forward to.

Try to do a background search on any pet seller or website. Negative reviews, or no reviews at all could be a red flag. The American Kennel Club is a good resource to search the legitimacy of a site selling dogs. And remember, a local animal shelter is always a great option for finding a loving pet that will be thrilled to find a happy new home. You’ll be able to cuddle before you commit!

Here at Ponce Bank your safety is priority one and we want to make sure ALL of our customers and community members are Keepin’ Safe.

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