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Phishing is the most common way for scammers to get a hold of your personal information and try to take over your accounts. Here’s how it works. You may receive a random text or email that claims to be from USPS, UPS, or even a message that seems to be from our bank. The message will often create some sense of urgency: a package can’t be delivered, your account is going to be frozen, etc. The message will ask you to click on the link to sign into your account/input your debit card/credit card information or provide some other personal information. The login or landing page may look very real. Often you may notice that there are typos or errors in grammar. The scammer will have installed software on the site that captures any info you type in and they can use that information to login to your real account pretending to be you and commit fraud. They might use your debit card/credit card to purchase items, or they may log into your bank account to transfer money out. They will also use the information to create synthetic ids and open fraudulent online bank accounts.

The best way to avoid this is not to click on emails or texts that contain links to your accounts unless you are absolutely certain they came from who they say they came from. (For example, you know that you just selected the “change my password” button which prompted the company to send a link to your registered email address. If you receive an unexpected email asking you to click on a link to log in, it’s best to simply delete it. If you think it might be a legitimate email or call, double check by calling back the vendor or the bank and ask them if there’s something they need you to do. You can also go directly to a company’s website and login there. By logging in at the same website or app you always use to log in, you can feel reasonably certain that you’ve logged into your real account. Remember, Ponce Bank will NEVER ask you to share personal information through email, text or phone. Here at Ponce your safety is priority one and we want to make sure ALL of our customers and community members are Keepin’ Safe.

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